Illuminated 3D John Wayne American Icon Cuckoo Clock

John Wayne’s authority and loyalty were never questioned in the old West! This first-ever illuminating collectible John Wayne Cuckoo Clock pays tribute to this American hero.

A handcrafted clapboard building style wood case holds the clock featuring a classic image of Duke on his horse, Dollor. Below, Duke stands in a saloon’s swinging doors on the projecting illuminated porch.

Illuminated 3D John Wayne Cuckoo Clock

Price:$199.00 US



The handsome wood case resembles an old West clapboard building is handcrafted and features a projecting porch that showcases a handcrafted, hand-painted 3D scene of Duke.

John Wayne American Icon Cuckoo Clock

An image of the Duke on his favorite horse, Dollor, takes center stage on the clock face that features old-fashioned numbers and golden hands.

Hidden LED lights illuminate the porch with the simple flick of a switch, giving star treatment to John Wayne who stands in the saloon doorway.

At the top of every hour, barn doors open above the clock, and a sculptural Dollor appears to the sound of galloping hooves.

Wall clock features accurate quartz movement, a swinging brass-toned pendulum and decorative golden pinecones. It makes a wonderful keepsake for a collector of John Wayne memorabilia.

  • Edition limited to just 295 crafting days, so order now
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Measures 22″ H x 5″ D; 55.9 cm H x 12.7 cm D
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